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Award-winning director Rouzie Hassanova resides in Aotearoa New Zealand after 20 years in London. 


Rouzie is passionate about authenticity and collaboration, crafting true performances with strong themes and a striking vision. She strives to work with unique and diverse talent to bring meaningful performances and a smile to audiences around the globe.


Currently, Rouzie is working on multiple projects simultaneously. One of them is the family adventure film called ELEPHANT KISS, written by the award-winning screenwriter Kristi Barnett. She's also in the midst of developing the feature film T U L P A R and the mini-series THE BORDER, both receiving support from industry programs. 


Her debut film RADIOGRAM won the Audience Award at the Sofia International Film Festival, the Best Debut Award at the Golden Rose Film Festival, and the Special Mention Award at Vukovar International Film Festival. The feature continued its international journey, including the festivals at Haifa, Dubai, Heartlands, Istanbul, and Transilvania, while streaming on Amazon Prime and SBS Australia. 


Rouzie's film journey began with writing comedy sketches while in high school and moved to direct at the London College of Communications. Her collection of shorts includes SONG FOR SERBIA, TREE WITHOUT A ROOT, VICKY the musical, and THE PORTRAIT which have screened at festivals like Show me Shorts, Raindance, In the Palace, Galway, Big Sur, Sofia, and Wairoa Māori Film Festivals winning multiple awards and nominations around the world. 

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